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About Conference

The 4th International Conference on Contemporary Engineering, Technology and Management (ICCETM - 2021), which is scheduled to take place on the 5th of May, 2021 in Bangalore, has been designed with the specific intention of serving as a collaborative forum for interactive presentation and dialogue on rising trends in areas such as technology, engineering, and science. The 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Engineering, Technology and Management (ICCETM - 2021) embraces participants from around the globe engaged in promoting expert links with and/or exploring professional possibilities in their respective fields. This conference is also expected to contribute an exemplary conference for forming connections in Thailand and other parts of the globe.

The horizons of science, engineering, and technology are becoming increasingly valuable in the world for obtaining a common stage for sharing the latest knowledge in the field. This international conference on multidisciplinary experimentation and learning has produced a number of new approaches and practices. We elected to converge on cutting-edge themes from various engineering streams, applied sciences, and technology, in general. The range of the conference is broad and incorporates numerous aspects of global technological foreknowledge. This conference intends to equip participants with a scholarly program to administer their relevant knowledge and contemporary learning with others. Participants are invited to join other like-minded people in the mission and to take a stride forward to obtain the best strategy to design a better world.